Thursday, June 5, 2008

Ok, so I'm pretty proud of this one so I'll let you know what I got.

20 packages of Temptation Cat Treats (2.39 per 1 package normally)
4 Eskimo Pie frozen ice cream treats
2 cans Redi Whip
10 Large jugs of SunnyD
2 gallons Milk
5 packages of Ham lunchmeat
1 pound 4% lean ground chuck beef (6.34)
2 lb brick of Tillamook cheese
Walla Walla onion HUGE
Yukon gold potatoes
1 bag Salad
French Bread

I should have paid $150.62 - after my coupons I paid $26.81 PLUS, I got $8.00 back in $1.00 off your next shopping order coupons to use! it's like I paid $18.81! Pretty nice, huh?

Tonight I'm going to Safeway to get pop tarts and I'll end up getting like 15boxes for $6.00 and some change. Then to Albertson's to get some more Eskimo pie treats and some other stuff for free. :) I love coupons.


qdee said...

hey i think oregon has better coupons, i can hardly find any here. s

Jen said...

How did your garage sale go???