Wednesday, June 25, 2008

So, I feel much better today. Yay for me! :) So, what do I do when I start to feel better? Coupon. I've been paroosing the ads getting things in order so I can get my deals. :) Nice huh? I'll be getting my sodas and coupon deals together, probably tomorrow so that I can use my $10.00 off $50.00 at Albertson's.

I think Alex might have had a touch of heat stroke or some heat related condition today. He was at Sport's Camp and I guess his instructor mentioned that he was acting really tired and worn out today. This would make sense since he woke up at 6:30am (an unnerving hour), and he only drank about 1/8 out of his water bottle, which isn't enough when you're out in the sun for hours. So, the poor thing came home and has been acting like he sick and drowsy and didn't want to play outside much. I gave him some Capri Sun's and he's perked up a bit, but I think going to bed early tonight is going to be a must. Another yay me. :)

Jon has the day off tomorrow, which is a surprise, I guess there are no docs working tomorrow. We'll end up taking the car to get the brakes done first thing in the morning and then Jon will take some loads to the dump. Hopefully we'll get some things done tomorrow.

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Lark said...

Congrats on Jon getting tomorrow off!! I always envy those whose hubby gets random days off here and there. Hope you get some things accomplished and are able to spend some enjoyable time together also. Thanks for the talk and support Becca. I truly appreciate it. Hope all is going well and you are doing better. I hope there is peace in your home. :)