Thursday, May 1, 2008

So, today has been a pretty good day overall. I got more sleep last night, so that's a plus. Alex threw up this morning at about 6:30ish, but that's the last time he's puked. He's kept down food the rest of the day although he says he has a headache and stomach ache still. Sam woke up a pistol and screamed for a good 1/2 hour, but has been fine since and no puking for her. :) I think it's on the up and up now, which I'm pretty excited about.

Tomorrow I work, which is a blessing after this week. Then in the evening I'm having a girl's night out with a friend and we are going to see the new movie with Patrick Dempsey (heart throb) Made of Honor. I'm excited to see it. Going to use my free movie tickets I got the other day, well a few of them that I got anyway. Might even go out to dinner first, too, but haven't decided that yet, will depend on what kind of work load I have tomorrow.

I cleaned the bathroom downstairs since it was bombed this week with all sorts of fluids, so I feel better. I'm going to finish up some dictation and then fold the rest of the laundry. Pretty exciting life huh?

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