Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Today I was in the grocery store getting my deals and this couple asked me several questions and I ended up giving them coupons and telling them what to get to get the best deals. How funny. I even gave them my email so if they are serious they can contact me and I'll put them on the list for a class. It's so funny.

When Austin was in school, Alex and Sam helped me at the store. Alex held my coupon folder and Sam was put out I didn't have her do it. So I gave her my chapstick to hold onto so she felt like she was helping too. How wrong I was to even think this was a clever idea. I was rummaging through the diapers that were on clearance and when I went to push the cart away I noticed the cart was kind of slimy. Sam had managed to demo the chapstick and had smeared it all over the cart, her arms and shirt and had it smashed in her. When I asked her what she was doing she said, "pretty". I guess there are worse things to smear all over, but it is still annoying.


Jen said...

Taylor loved Chapstick! It keeps her quieter in church so I always have one handy. It is the only girly thing she does. She likes cars and trains just like her brothers so I was so happy when she took a liking to it:)

Cory, Heather, & Alyssa said...

Thanks! I would really appreciate all the help that I can get. Definitely send suggestions.