Wednesday, May 28, 2008

So, I'm tired. It seems like today it's gone on much longer than 24 hours. We had an electrician come out today and after $200.00 in the hole it was determined that Jon switched the wires around on one of the outlets and that was our problem. Although, I'm still not convinced that is it entirely. We got an estimate for replacing our panel...not overly horrible, but not a walk in the park either.

I've nearly completed my coupon book re-organizing, and I hope to have it 100% finished tomorrow. Then Thursday I plan to finally finish painting our master bedroom. I'll send pictures once it's done.

No further exciting news that I know of to report. Hope you are all well.


Lark said...

I so understand tired these days, Kira was up acouple of hours last night with a fever. Most likely the little darling has another ear infection. (Yuck!) Which means late nights for mom until she starts to feel better.
I look forward to seeing your room. We still haven't gotten around to painting ours but the kids room were done in the first 6 months.

Me a Bee Hogger?!? Honey I am more than willing to share. Next time I will see if the bee keeper does special deliveries. Then you can enjoy some bees too. *smile*

qdee said...

well becca, sounds like life as usual, hehehe. can't wait for more pictures of the kids, maybe you forget that we don't see them every day? i will accept messy hair and faces, as well as a few in p.j.'s if that makes your life easier. hehehe. you will have to let me know more about your coupon stuff, email me then i can read it while i while away my time at jaden's bedside. later, s