Thursday, May 8, 2008

Cherrio's missing. :(

So, Jon went to feed the dogs tonight and found that Cherrio is missing. That darn dog. They are outdoor dogs now, almost pretty much since we moved into the new house. The main reason for them being outdoors permanently is because Buddy is doing MARKEDLY better outside than he was doing inside. He can walk normally now and even run around without the costly meds! When he comes inside he doesn't do well at all and his paralysis comes back in his hind legs. Weird huh? The only thing I can think that is contributing to his improved health is being outside and their little room is like a sauna and I think that has helped Buddy. Regardless, they like it out there and it's a win win situation. However, Jon and I just spent a little over 1/2 hour scouring the backyard for any holes that she could have escaped through and found none. So, it's a mistery how she managed to escape. My guess is that Trevor went to get a ball from our backyard and opened the pass through and let her out into his yard, which she could get out of. Trevor's the neighbor kid.

So, tomorrow it looks like I'll be calling Andrea first thing to check to see if anyone called about a dog. We didn't even get her new tags yet with our new number or address. Stink. What a weird day.

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Lark said...

That's a bummer! Hopefully you guys will find her.
Glad to hear Buddy is doing better at the new house!
Lots of luck with everything.