Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Insane deals....

Here's what I got tonight: 5 Reynolds Handi Vacuums, 10 6pk double roll cottonelle toilet paper, 2 dial liquid soaps, 8 packages of gum, 1 package frozen waffels, 2 Mega packs of Huggies diapers, 2 gallons of milk, 4 packages of Lamisil (that alone costs 68.00 without coupon),3 mangos, 30 lbs of hamburger meat....I should have paid $294.74, however, with my coupons, etc. I paid $41.40. Oh, and that was only at one store. Then at Albertson's I spent a little more there but I got 13 boxes of Fruit Snacks, 8 bottles of mayo, 6 bags of the large MM's, 2 pkgs of 6pk double roll Charmin, and I know I'm missing something, but I spent $45.13, but I got $10.00 off my next shopping order plus 4 free movie tickets. Nice huh? Oh, I almost forgot, I'll be getting back $25.00 in rebates for my handi vacs too!

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Purplepickle said...

You go girl, as long as you are enjoying the shopping and it doesn't cost as much as it did before more power to you. Lots of luck and lots of fun. Talk later.