Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Crazy Day

I'm still not feeling 100%, I'm not entirely sure what bug it is, but my stomach has felt uneasy since Friday evening? Then, if that wasn't bad enough, Alex tried to poison me. You didn't read misread that. I was on the elliptical working out and the phone rang. I ran to get it. I was probably on the phone for about 10 minutes. When I came back to finish my workout I took a drink out of my water bottle and low and behold I take a swallow and notice that it tastes and smells like cleaner. I didn't, thankfully, swallow a whole mouthful, but enough to make me feel not quite right. As it turns out, for still unknown reasons, Alex put Febreeze in my water! I explained to him that that wasn't an ok thing to do and that we shouldn't spray it on anyone or put it in our food, etc. Talk about annoying though. You would think that is common sense, but I guess it isn't for a 3 year old.

Other than that, we had an ok day. I went to the store tonight and got a ton of groceries including 20 bags of cat food (no we haven't gotten a cat) because I could get it for free with coupons. I'm going to try to do a garage sale at some point in the future and try to sell some of my excess food storage. My friend Theresa had a garage sale with all of her excess stuff that she either got for free or for very close to it this last weekend and made over $700.00! So, since I have well over 200boxes of cereal that we will not eat before it expires, not to mention that I get more of it all the time for free, I thought I'd try it myself. We'll see if I can get more excess by June.

Ok, so nothing else more to note really...


Purplepickle said...

I am thinking a velcro wall for Alex sounds pretty good. When you go to do something just hook him there in front of the television. Not really, but he certainly does some weird things. Love, GG

Lark said...

You poor thing...Febreeze smells good but I wouldn't want tot drink it either.
Alex sounds like a mischievous little boy. I like the idea of a velcro wall. I have been in favor of them since I started working daycare years ago.
sorry to hear you are sick. Hope the bug passes quickly and you are back up to normal.
Wish you luck on the garage sale.