Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Santa picture

Santa here we come. This was too funny. We decided on the spur of the moment to have the kids have their picture taken with Santa. We planned on them visiting Santa anyway, but since there was no line at all we decided to take advantage of that fact. Mind you, it has snowed here and I believe that is the reason for no traffic at Santa's workshop. Regardless, I thought it turned out reasonably well...considering Sam was freaking out over the whole jolly big guy. She was not having anything to do with him and was cringing away every chance she got and we were lucky to get this picture. Not to mention that the boys had hoods on and their hair is sticking up unnaturally all over....oh, and do you notice that Sam has on two different color shoes? People always ask me if I know that she has on two different shoes, and I am always very aware of it, however, I'm just glad she has shoes on at all and since it doesn't hurt anything I figure why not?. At least she had on two of the same type of shoes and not one dress shoe and a tennis shoe, which is usually preferrable to her. I'll be posting pictures later today of the snow and the kids...or maybe tomorrow.

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Julie said...

Such a cute photo! This is one tradition our family has never gotten into. Shame on me, huh? I wish I had.