Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Albertsons Deal

Ok, so here's what I got tonight:

12 boxes Fiber one pop tarts - .70off/1 x12
8 Packages steamer frozen veggies - 1.00/1 x8
18 pouches of Idaho potatoes (variety) - .35off/1 x18
6 bag Betty Crocker cookie mixes - .50off/1 x 6
7 boxes 40oz Bisquick - .60off/1 x 7
2 boxes Tuna Helper (a filler)
1 Fiber one bar (a filler)

I should have paid $143.80 and I spent $8.98.

I did this by matching each item with exception of my fillers (I left those coupons at home) with a coupon and doubler. I paid twice (zero the first time and then $8.98 the second time)...because Jeremy (the cashier I went to this time), wanted to save himself and myself time by combining orders...I had a total of 10 orders, however.

Not too shabby. :) Oh, and the time it took me to get these deals together this time was crazy because Sam got into my coupons and decorated the carpet with them! It took me two hours just to get them organized again, not to mention then having to sort through them to get the ones I needed for the deals. She's such a helper sometimes. Gotta love it.


vaxhacker said...

So you're the one who took all the cookie mixes! :) We were just there and there was only one left, you scoundrel.

Awesome savings, though, as usual. Very impressive. We'll get there at some point too, I suspect.

The Garver Family said...

Hehe. I left one? I'm disappointed. But hey, at least I waited until the last day of the ad...:)

vaxhacker said...

hehe :)