Thursday, December 11, 2008

receipt explaination better?

Darn, I don't know if you're going to be able to see this clearly, but this is proof of the cereal deal and maybe it will explain things better than I can. You can't see the 24 boxes of cereal at once on there because the receipt is too big. But you can see how the Acosta deal worked (instant $4.00 savings per $10.o0 spent) and then the $4.00 off 4 boxes of cereal purchased coupon from FM....also, just to think about this, Saturday is the last day this deal will work. It will also work for granola bars, nature valley and fiber one, as well as fruit snacks! :) HOpe that helps.


The Buoy Family said...

that is brain hurts just trying to figure that out!!

Cory, Heather Alyssa and Owen Strasser said...

So where do you get the coupons?

Cory, Heather Alyssa and Owen Strasser said...

I definitely want to learn your tricks.